Volunteer schedule

Times are approximate. Please listen for transition music.

  • Actvities start  

    Easter Bunny starts his rounds.

    Activities and Crafts start.

        If you are manning an activity, be prepared for kiddos to stay the whole time.  They may not want or understand the transition.

  • Adaptive Egg Hunt

    Adaptive Egg Hunt will be for those in wheel chairs or walkers needing to hunt for eggs that are not on the ground, or for blind children.

          Wheelchair area will be in the front bushes along the sidewalk in front of the building.

          Blind egg hunt will be in the foyer - beeping eggs will be provided and exchanged for filled eggs.

    Activities will continue throughout.  

  • Dance Party

    Dancy Party is for anyone who wishes to participate.

    Activities and crafts continue

  • easy egg hunt

    Easy Egg Hunt is for the very young children or more severely disabled.

    Activities Continue

    Dinner starts

        Menu:  Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, veggie chips, cookie or brownies for dessert

    GF option available for hamburgers and hot dogs.

  • advanced egg hunt

    Advanced Egg Hunt is for higher functioning individuals; more difficult egg hunt.

    Activities continue.

    Dinner continues until food is gone