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Vaughn Park, Landmark, and Hunter Hills are co-sponsoring Camp REFUGE; an overnight Bible Camp week focused on reaching children in the River Region. The camp session will be co-directed by Will Collins (Hunter Hills) and Rob Sellers (Landmark).

Our vision for Camp REFUGE is:

  • To exalt Christ through singing, teaching, the example of our staff, and the one-on-one interactions between campers and staff, so that our campers will trust in Christ for the rest of their lives.
  • To foster relationships that God will use to build his Kingdom; relationships between Christian adults and students and relationships between the students from various congregations.
  • To provide a refuge for kids who don’t come from Christian families. The refuge is a week of love and care for these kids, but also relationships we expect to last after the week of camp is over.


  • Children entering 1st Grade through 9th Grade for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Counselors and staff will be members of area churches participating, such as Vaughn Park, Hunter Hills, and Landmark. All adults at camp are required to pass a background check and complete a child safety course.


  • Sunday-Friday - July 23-28, 2023


Each day, our campers follow a schedule full of fun, Christ-centered activities. They will rotate through activities in groups based on cabin/age.

Activities include:

  • Worship and prayer time throughout the day, with a keynote speaker each night.
  • Meals in the Mess Hall
  • Swimming
  • Crafts
  • Canoeing in the pond (facilitated by our life guards, with all campers in life jackets)
  • Ropes course
  • Bible classes
  • Games and group activities, such as relay races, capture the flag, water balloons, etc.
  • Canteen
  • Mail call
  • Reflections devotional, a special time for our oldest campers after the little ones head to bed
  • Cabin prayers, and bedtime! Campers sleep in bunk beds, with a few counselors in each cabin


Gulf Coast Bible Camp

Lucedale, Mississippi


$170 per camper (registration opening soon)

Optional $20 add-on for canteen per camper

Scholarship money is available - contact Will at


Kids should be dropped off at camp Sunday July 23 between 2-5 p.m. Pick-up Friday July 28 by 10 a.m. Church transportation available on a first come first serve basis. Contact Will at to reserve a seat.


The camp staff (cabin counselors, teachers, kitchen staff, etc.) will be active members from Vaughn Park, Landmark, and Hunter Hills. All camp staff are required to have background checks and complete child safety training. To cover expenses we ask our staff to pay $100 for the week. If you are interested in serving at Camp Refuge, apply here.


  • No clothing with any type of slogan or ad that does not conform to a Christian standard (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, suggestive pictures, etc.) will be permitted.
  • Sleeveless tops (e.g. tank tops) are permitted as long as the midriff is covered, no cleavage shows when bending over, the bra is not visible on the shoulder or under the arm, and the straps are over an inch in width.
  • No spaghetti strap shirts or shirts that reveal the midriff are permitted.
  • Shorts must meet the credit card rule or the bottom of the fingertips if a person is standing up with arms down by their legs. Place a credit card at the top of the kneecap. Shorts should reach the edge of the credit card.
  • Clothing should not be excessively tight or form-fitting.



  • Bible
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, etc.)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Towels & washcloth for showering
  • Towels for swim time
  • Swim Gear (bathing suit & anything you need for daily swim time)
  • Bug spray
  • Clothes (enough for 6 days & pack a little extra to be safe)
  • Shoes (closed-toe shoes, sandals, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • DO NOT SEND ELECTRONIC DEVICES! (if found they will be collected and returned
  • at the end of the week)


  • Bring a carrier or toiletry bag to carry back and forth to bathhouse
  • If you get hot at night, bring a bedside fan (cabins are air-conditioned, but can still get
  • warm)
  • If you send snacks, make sure they are in resealable bags or containers because
  • these can attract unwanted critters.
  • Bring an extra bag or hamper for dirty clothes
  • Send more than one towel for showering in case one gets wet or doesn’t dry out enough
  • For young campers, send each day’s clothing in individual gallon-sized ZipLock bags with each day written on them.